Aoe2 HD: Tutorial: Fast Castle Age, Knight Rush, Economic Boom

7 months ago

This is my tutorial video on how to execute a Fast Castle Age strategy “Fast Castle” and then transition into a Knight Rush “Crush.” While Knight Rushing, I also simultaneously execute an Economic Boom “Booming” strategy, in which I build multiple town centers to quickly produce villagers. In this video I go over my build order as I play the Saracens on the map Arabia. The most important part of using any Rush strategy, is to not neglect your economy while you are building up an early military. If you enjoyed this tutorial, please check out my other videos, as well as my Facebook, Twitter and Twitch TV accounts.

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7/15 Population: 6 Sheperds
10/15 Population: 6 Sheperds, 3 Lumberjacks
12/20 Population: 1 sheperd, 6 Wild Boar Hunters, 3 Lumberjacks