Hurtworld HACK Tutorial using Reflector and Reflexil + (PROOF)

2 years ago

“MIGHT not work on community servers and They’ve added a global ban list.
You’ve been warned. ”
**This tutorial is for demonstrations only, i do not encourage you to hack the game**
Tutorial on How to hack Hurtworld using .NET Reflector and Reflexil
Easy cheat by decompiling the Assembly-CSharp.dll found in the game directory and change entities such as: Superjump, bladeLength, useTime, goodResetTime, remove Metabolism ect ..

NET Reflector 8.5:
Reflexil.AIO 2.0:

Skip to 6:05 to see proof gameplay

Follow the steps:
1- Download the above
2- Open with NET Reflector the Assembly-CSharp.dll found in the game directory.
3- Search for whatever entity u want.
4- Right click then analyze
5- Under “assigned by” right click and “Go to member”
6- Then open Reflexil under Tools tab
7- Change whatever values you want
8-To save right click on…